What is a “Get what you get” tattoo?

Get What you get tattoo gumball machine

A “Get what you get tattoo” (GWYG) is exactly as it sounds. You get a tattoo that you randomly select through a game (like Plinko or Wheel of Fortune) or a machine (like a gumball machine). You can find a GWYG gumball machine in use at Good Vibrations Ink’s locations on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. Each machine has its own designs or numbers, to which you choose a design from a page in a book.

But why would you want a lifetime piece of art on your skin that you didn’t choose specifically?

GWYG is about embracing the unknown. Sometimes, you need an escape from endless research of products and services and want the rush of the unexpected to spice up your life. It helps takes the stress away from figuring out what tattoo will perfectly show the meaning you have in mind for it. Maybe a random piece of art does just that. Something to show where you are at in that particular time. The story is yours as much as the artwork itself.

Where did “Get What You Get” start?

Faith Tattoo in Santa Rosa, CA, was the first shop credited with offering the GWYG method around 2004. Since then, you’ve probably seen posts on Instagram about the thrill of GWYG tattoos. The hashtag “#GetWhatYouGetTattoo” has been applied to thousands of photos and videos of customers opening pieces of paper and revealing the tattoo they just picked.

Why choose Get What You Get?

Some common reasons people choose GWYG tattoos specifically are to mark milestone moments. Like turning a decade older, overcoming a life event, or as souvenirs while traveling. The urge to decorate your body can be therapeutic – either through the art or just the experience of getting inked. New tattoos don’t always need to have a particular meaning behind them. Sometimes the unexpected is just a bit of fun.

What designs are available?

The art (also called a flash) selection varies from shop to shop but traditionally is classic, silly, or irrelevant. They can be a tribal piece, a goldfish holding a squirt gun, or the torch from the statue of liberty. Sometimes the art is themed around the holidays (Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Let fate take the wheel and get what you get.

Most of the designs are small (under 4”x4”) and available either in black-and-white or multi-colored. Good Vibrations Ink offers different sizes depending on the detail of the design.

palm trees WYSIWYG tattoos
ocean waves WYSIWYG tattoos
sea life WYSIWYG tattoos

How much do GWYG tattoos cost?

Most shops offer GWYG tattoos at a reduced price to tattoos of the same size, which makes them economically attractive. The artists have agreed to draw these at a discounted price. Tattoo placement tends to be limited to the arms and legs, with some shops refusing to ink them on specific spots, like the neck or hands.

Good Vibrations Ink offer some of their GWYG 2×2 designs for $100. Other gumball choices gives you a page number to choose from the artist’s themed books that can have 4 designs per page and a list of pricing based on book or style choice:

  • Black only
  • Black and grey
  • Color
  • Sticker/watercolor
  • Glitter

Designs are limited to arms and legs but Good Vibrations Ink can tattoo in other locations for an increased price. If you don’t like the design you receive, Good Vibrations Ink will let you try again for a $20 small fee.

Which artists do GWYG tattoos?

Good Vibrations Ink is rated one of the best tattoo parlors in Orlando, and our award-winning artists are here to give you stunning art. The artists available at our locations on International Drive in Orlando, FL are:

Where can I get new body art?

Embrace the unknown and celebrate the moments by getting a piece of body art that will last a lifetime. Good Vibrations Ink is located at the heart of Orlando’s tourist district on International Drive. With close proximity to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, our tropical interior and lighthearted artists contribute good vibes to first-time and long-time clients. Follow our artist’s work and set up an appointment today at one of our locations.