At Good Vibrations Ink we bring your dream tattoo to life. All of our tattoo and body piercing is done in a safe, clean and 100% sterile environment with experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Our tattoo artists are certified in Blood-Born Pathogen and Aseptic Technique. We are fully licensed through the state of Florida and the Orange County Health Department.

We will always prioritize your comfort and safety. When you visit our gallery, you can feel confident that your tattoo or body piercing is performed with the strictest attention to hygiene and cleanliness. We have over fifty years of combined experience as professionals and we promise you a premium experience.

What we offer

Tattoo Designs – Whether you would like a classic and traditional tattoo, or something more modern and contemporary, we can help you find it. We specialize in custom designs. Anything you want, we can bring it to life! Choose from hundreds of stunning tattoos such as:

  • Traditional
  • Neo Traditional
  • New School
  • Color Realism
  • Portraits
  • Lettering
  • Geometrical
  • Polynesian

Our Tattoos Are Available in a Prism Of Colors – It’s easy to customize your tattoo to get that exact look you’re hoping for. Colors in a tattoo set the mood, tone and the “vibe” that everyone picks up on.
  • Full Color
  • Black & Grey

We Can Restore Your Tattoos to Their Full Beauty – Do you have an older tattoo, that you’d like to have looking like its “glory days?” Bring it in for a consultation and let’s talk about how we can restore it, making it better than ever.

Free Hand Tattoos – Many love to make their body part of the actual tattoo with this style. If you’ve always wanted a Free Hand Tattoo, Good Vibrations Ink is experienced in this style of tattooing.

Tattoo Coverup – Not thrilled about a previous tattoo? Do you want a new look? No worries! Let’s talk about how we can cover-up your current tattoo and create something you’ll love.

Custom Work – This is a specialty at Good Vibrations Ink, where you’ll find we can create that tattoo you’ve always wanted. We are experienced with all tattoo styles and can custom create what you envision or help to design something based on a conversation too.


Ready to start? Set up an appointment with one of our talented tattoo professionals today!