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Premier Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare, Jewelry, and Accessories

As experienced tattoo professionals we have dedicated our studio to providing the highest quality tattoo and piercing experience, which includes offering more than just our skills and passion. We want to provide our clients with the market’s best aftercare products, body jewelry, clothing and accessories available. After years of trials, errors and scientific updates, we are confident in providing the following products to our clients and hope other tattoo studios follow suit.

Tattoo Aftercare

Taking good care of your tattoo will reduce the healing time and help retain the everlasting masterpiece. After years of research, we have found that the IKONIK product line ticks all the boxes in promoting healing, offering comfort, and improving the visual quality of your tattoo for years to come.

IKONIK is committed to providing products from preparing for your tattoo with Tonik Cream, maintaining session hygiene and pain reduction with Cosmik Soap and Stoik Spray, to a simple aftercare skin hydration routine with Epik Cream.

Read more about Good Vibrations Ink’s extensive tattoo aftercare routine.

Piercing Aftercare

Piercings are another form of body art that requires specific attention in your aftercare routine. Most importantly, open wounds are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and fungi, so cleanliness is key. Keep the newly pierced area free from contaminants. Always have freshly washed hands and minimize the number of times you touch the piercing – ideally only touching it when cleaning.

We’ve found that a shorter healing process happens when the piercing site remains sterile and thoroughly cleaned with natural products. We highly recommend incorporating sterile saline solutions into your cleansing routine for all piercings. This is one of the most important aspects of proper piercing care and maintenance.

Read more about Good Vibrations Ink’s extensive body piercing aftercare routine.

Body Jewelry

Being in the tattoo and body piercing industry for so long, the best jewelry for piercings are surgical stainless steel and titanium. These materials are strong and biocompatible which lowers the chance of negative reactions within the body.

We offer a range of titanium jewelry that can be anodized to create various colors without the use of dyes or plating.

Good Vibrations Ink strongly encourages keeping your initial jewelry in place until the piercing has healed. Swapping jewelry for items bought elsewhere (online, retail stores, etc.) has the chance of having nickel as a material component which runs a higher risk of allergic reactions.

Some of our extensive jewelry selections from Anatometal and LeRoi include

Clothing & Accessories

Good Vibrations Ink stocks and sells an array of clothing and accessories including Sullen Clothing products. Sullen Clothing is designed and created by tattoo artists around the world and we are proud to be Orlando’s premier distributor. We have a dedicated retail section that contains


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