I was a graphic artist creating designs for skateboard decks. One day, at the age of sixteen, I was asked to attempt a tattoo. This living piece of art started the beginning of my career. I was hooked.

Raised in the North East from humble beginnings, Scott has always had an ambition to excel at anything he does.  He decided to pursue his dreams and artistic abilities by attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia for interior and graphic design. Striving to improve his craft everyday, he has attended many tattoo and art conventions across the globe and has received numerous awards for his creativity and talent. Now, thirty years in the industry, he ranks amongst the best.  

Scott’s friendly and laid-back attitude truly embodies the term ‘Good Vibrations.’ An avid skateboarder from the age of seven, he enjoys all things board-related, including catching waves on the North Shore of Hawaii. When he isn’t tattooing, he enjoys spending time with his family and is continuously art-driven.


Scott's Skills