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Your Tattoo Questions, Our Expert Responses

Whether this is your first tattoo or your tenth, you may have some questions. We’re happy to help! Take a glance at our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if some of our popular questions provide you with answers your looking for.

No, most people are comfortable getting a tattoo. Do keep in mind there are parts of your body that are more sensitive, because they have more nerve endings. Everyone’s pain tolerance is unique and different, while your friend could have a sensitivity in an area, you could be completely comfortable.

You need to be 18 years of age. Or your parents can sign a consent form, provided by the state that we have at our location. If you are under 18 years of age and your parents agree to sign this form, please double check that you have state issued I.D.’s, with photos on them, as a notary public at our location will help you fill out the form and requires this information.

Just as with a tattoo, you must be 18 years of age. Your parents can sign a consent form that is provided by the state that we do have at our location. Please bring state-issued I.D.’s with photos on them for both you and your parents, our notary public will help you fill out the form and needs this information from you.

Most often, your drawing is simply part of the price of your tattoo. Your custom tattoo price does not change, unless it is quite intricate such as covering a large body part such as your whole back or a sleeve.

Our best tips to feel comfortable when getting your tattoo are:

  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Drink water
  • Sleep well the night before

Please do not drink any alcohol before you get your tattoo. You may bleed a bit more which makes it more difficult for the artist doing your tattoo and it can also affect the healing process of your new ink.

It’s not recommended that you do this after you get tattooed. But if you’re going outside for a short period of time – such as 30 minutes or so, you should be fine. It is not recommended to expose your new ink to sunlight for an extended amount of time.

Bandaging a tattoo is your artist’s discretion. Most tattoos are not bandaged. However, we often use something to wrap the tattoo the first couple days. Bandaging a tattoo that has already began to heal is not recommended. Your tattoo begins to form a light flaky scab and covering it will cause an issue with healing. Please discuss healing options with your artist.

If you’re on vacation here in Florida, we recommend you wait until the last day or so to get your tattoo, so you can enjoy as many of those sunny days as possible and have fun in the water!

Please do not swim in the ocean right after getting a tattoo or piercing. You may wind up getting irritated or an infection due to bacteria that may exist in the ocean.

Please do not swim in a pool right after getting a tattoo or piercing. Soaking in chlorine is not recommended for a brand new tattoo or body piercing.


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