Orlando Tattoo Artist Elliot Alicea

Elliot Alicea

Tattoo Artist

Elliot grew up in Cataño, Puerto Rico and was automatically inspired by the wall art of his city since he was a teenager. He has a natural talent for pencil drawings and thoroughly loves illustrating realistic sketches. At the age of 16, the death of his father deeply impacted him and struck an ambition to find purpose to his life. He wanted to find something that would make his father proud of him. Therefore, in 2005, it was no surprise that Elliot decided upon tattooing as a tribute to his late father. Fascinated by color, Elliot is not constricted to any one particular style. His artistic capabilities can be easily noticed by plenty of styles such as watercolor, floral, new school, anime and sketches. He is consistently learning something new professionally and personally with each tattoo he does.
When Elliot is not tattooing, he can be found cooking Hispanic food, appreciating all kinds of animals, and adding to his unique Hot Wheels car collection. He is best known for always looking on the bright side and constantly having a positive mind-set.