Orlando Tattoo Artist Samuel Alvarado

Samuel Alvarado

Tattoo Artist

Since 2003, Samuel Alvarado has cultivated his passion for art, starting with oil painting and developing a refined and detailed technique. His artistic journey evolved in 2006, when he immersed himself in the vibrant world of spray and free painting, experimenting with colors and shapes until 2013. These years of exploration and creativity allowed him to master various techniques and styles, enriching his ability. of artistic expression. . .

In 2014, Samuel found a new outlet for his creativity by becoming a tattoo artist. Specializing in freestyle lettering and composition, his unique and versatile approach allows him to create personalized and meaningful designs for each client. Samuel’s ability to fuse different styles into freestyle compositions has distinguished him in the world of tattooing, where each piece becomes an unmatched work of art, reflecting his dedication and passion for art in all its forms.