Orlando Tattoo Artist James O’Connell

James O’Connell

Tattoo Artist
James O’Connell bio headshot

Found under a rock, Reverend James was raised by wolves in an isolated cave on an undiscovered island on the Aleutian chain. After finally learning to speak, he served in the U.S. Army for four years.

Upon release, he ran off and joined up with a pirate ship, where he learned to tattoo. Consumed by the shining light that is the art of Tattoo, James wandered the countryside, learning, creating, and tattooing. A close brush with alien abduction led to extensive plastic surgery and tailoring of identifying features.

This led to James, his wife, and their two sons to move to sunny Orlando, where his journey continues.

James excels in all styles of tattooing, taking great pleasure in helping others realize their wildest tattoo dreams. Try not to take him too seriously and look him up to get the tattoo of your dreams….more precious than jewelry, cannot be lost or stolen. If asked politely, James might even tell you the secret behind all things!