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Custom Tattoos

Custom tattoos

Our exceptionally talented tattoo artists transform you into a living masterpiece. We customize every tattoo so it matches your vision and represents your individual style.
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Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Feel the vibes, check out our studio and view some completed tattoos. Immerse yourself into the tattoo industry with our gallery and visit us at the studio for some ink.
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Body piercing

Body piercing

Our certified body piercing experts have years of training and experience. Retaining a clean, hygienic and sterile environment and your comfort are our #1 priority.
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We'll make you

a Masterpiece

A tattoo is graffiti on the temple of the body. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Good Vibrations Ink is the only artist owned tattoo shop on International Drive. Here, you will experience true dedication to professionalism, expertise and skill. A real artist not only displays talent through one form of art, but through a versatile spectrum. This is what separates us from the traditional tattoo parlor. We are a tattoo gallery, where you can find multiple forms of art that define you.

Custom tattoos

You have an amazing tattoo idea, bring it in and work with a pro.

Prism of colors

The colors used in a tattoo will help set the mood, tone and vibe.

Free hand tattoos

No pre-drawn designs, no stencils, just skin, a pen and pure skill.


Different styles

Classic, Traditional, Modern or Contemporary, we can do it all.

Tattoo coverups

Coverups are common and we’ve got your back, or other locations.

Body piercing

Professional body piercing in a clean and sterile environment.

Tatoo process

At Good Vibrations Ink, our tattoo artists will create your ideas into a sketch, provide a quote and then transform it into a beautiful work of art on your skin.



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