IKONIK Tattoo Care Products

Pain, itchiness, flaking, and irritation are all too common struggles tattoo artists and their clients face. Regardless of the skincare products they try, a solution that can address these issues while containing top-tier ingredients and preserving the artist’s work has remained elusive. A new approach is needed.

In response to these ongoing challenges, a group of passionate artists and individuals took matters into their own hands. They made a mission to develop a skincare line specifically tailored for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. They recognized the need for products that could effectively alleviate pain, combat itchiness, prevent flaking, and minimize irritation, all while ensuring that the vibrant colors and intricate details of tattoos are preserved.

With relentless dedication, they meticulously formulated a range of skincare products known as the IKONIK line. This collection was carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals embarking on their tattoo journey or seeking a reliable routine to maintain the freshness of their ink for years to come.

What is IKONIK?

Made for artists by artists, the IKONIK line covers every aspect of tattoo skincare, from the initial stages to the final touches, and care for the skin for years to come. Using their combined background in tattoo and skin care, they created products with top-tier ingredients renowned for their beneficial properties. They aimed to provide a solution that not only prioritized the skin’s health but also contributed to the longevity and vibrancy of tattoos.

Thanks to their unwavering commitment to excellence, the IKONIK line is becoming a trusted companion for tattoo artists and their clients worldwide. No longer burdened by the common issues that plagued them before, artists and their clients can now rely on these specialized products to nourish their skin, relieve discomfort, and ensure their tattoos remain visually striking.

When and how do you use IKONIK products?

IKONIK tattoo skincare presents a complete range of products that comprehensively tackle every aspect of the tattoo process. With meticulous attention to detail, IKONIK has crafted an extensive lineup of tattoo skincare solutions that cater to the diverse needs of both tattoo artists and enthusiasts. From upholding hygiene standards to delivering pain relief and ensuring effective aftercare, IKONIK has left no stone unturned in creating a comprehensive line of tattoo skincare products.

Before you get your tattoo

Before diving into the tattooing process, IKONIK recommends using Tonik Cream for tattoo numbing relief. This cream swiftly alleviates pain by numbing the skin within 60-120 minutes of application, ensuring a comfortable experience. The long-lasting formula is suitable for lengthy and shorter tattoo sessions, instilling confidence in individuals as they embark on their ink journey.

During the session

During the tattooing process, ensuring the stencil remains stationary and visible, the pen can glide across smoothly across the skin, and maintaining clean skin during the tattoo session are struggles artists face every session. IKONIK has a solution for each of these concerns!

To ensure the stencil remains intact and prevents smearing or fading, IKONIK offers Statik Gel. This effective gel securely holds the stencil ink in place, allowing artists to apply it, stick it, and peel it off when dry, providing confidence and convenience during tattooing.

To achieve impeccable results and prevent hazy or smeared ink during the session, IKONIK presents Optik Glide. This product facilitates a smooth and frictionless tattooing process, allowing the needle to glide effortlessly across the skin. The outcome is a design with high definition and exceptional clarity.

During the tattooing process, maintaining clean skin is crucial. IKONIK introduces Cosmik Soap, a gentle and soothing cleanser that supports healing. Applying Cosmik Soap with warm water opens the pores, facilitating the gentle removal of ink and plasma, ensuring a pristine canvas for the artist to work on.

For ongoing pain relief, Stoik Spray proves invaluable. By having the tattoo artist spray it throughout the process, individuals experience continued relief from pain and inflammation. Particularly useful on sensitive areas like the back of the hands or the sternum, Stoik Spray takes just 90 seconds to take effect, enabling the seamless continuation of the tattooing session.


Aftercare is crucial in the longevity and vibrancy of the tattoo. To ensure optimal healing and maintenance, IKONIK introduces Epik Cream. Applied immediately after getting inked, this cream’s restorative ingredients reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, and lock in moisture to promote healing. When used daily, Epik Cream sustains the vibrancy of the ink. It even enhances its radiance, ensuring the tattoo makes a lasting statement.

When are IKONIK products available, and where can I find them?

Starting July 1st, 2023, IKONIK tattoo skincare products will be available to artists, tattoo shops, and clients seeking comprehensive tattoo care. These exceptional products have already gained recognition through their use by artists at Good Vibrations Ink, located in Orlando, Florida, with two convenient locations off of International Drive. The artists from Good Vibrations Ink are even featured on IKONIK’s website, showcasing the effectiveness of these skincare solutions. 

To explore and experience the IKONIK products firsthand, individuals can walk into the Good Vibrations Ink locations or schedule an appointment with their talented artists. This allows customers to witness the products in action, receive professional opinions, and have complete confidence in their tattoo care routine. 

To stay updated on the latest news and offerings from IKONIK, individuals can sign up for the newsletter through the user-friendly platform provided on their website. The platform is designed to cater to the needs of both artists and clients, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. 

It’s worth noting that IKONIK products are created using only the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional quality and effectiveness. These proprietary formulas are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility located in the United States, further emphasizing the commitment to excellence and safety.

With IKONIK’s availability, endorsement from skilled artists, and dedication to superior quality, artists, tattoo shops, and clients can confidently embrace a comprehensive tattoo care routine that heals new tattoos and preserves the beauty of existing ink.