What is SecondSkin?

Derm Shield breathable tattoo bandage

A tattoo is a piece of art that lasts a lifetime. The healing process is the most crucial if you want to keep your tattoo vibrant. Seeping ink, peeling, and blood are common side effects of the healing process. The first 7 days are vital as your skin begins to heal.

“A tattoo is a piece of art that lasts a lifetime.”

Using the right products can reduce the healing time and protect you from infection. While there are many products available that can help, our tattoo artists recommend and use SecondSkin. Another terminology used for SecondSkin is Derma Shield. There are a variety of like products, all named something similar.

What is SecondSkin?

Initially designed for hospital use, SecondSkin creates a breathable shield to cover your ink. The adhesive bandage acts as a protective layer for your skin and is applied after your tattoo is complete. This holds in the body’s natural healing processes and prevents the tattoo from drying out. In some cases, the bandage can speed up your healing time.

Adhesive Bandage – protects your tattoo from bacteria and interaction with fabrics.

  • Medical-grade
  • Latex Free
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • CE-marked and FDA-registered

What activities can you do with SecondSkin?

You can resume most of your everyday activities with SecondSkin with care to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Exercise and sweating should be kept to a minimum as sweat will not be able to escape the adhesive bandage and can lead to infection.

SecondSkin bandages are waterproof and breathable. While we recommend avoiding prolonged submersion in water – baths, pools, and ocean – warm showers and handwashing will not seep into the healing area.

How long do you leave SecondSkin on?

Caring for your skin during the healing process and after makes all the difference. We recommend leaving the SecondSkin bandage on for 3 – 5 days. This will allow your skin to create its first protective layer over your tattoo. The tattoo cream can be used after to strengthen new skin. Foaming hand wash will help remove old, peeling skin and protect the new skin from infection.

The first 48 hours are the most beneficial to the healing process. SecondSkin bandages should be removed in a warm shower after 3 – 5 days with clean hands or sterile gloves. Start at a corner or edge that has become loose, then slowly and gently peel at an angle. Do not pull it straight up away from the skin, as you may damage the new skin underneath. Your skin should be held taut.

“The first 48 hours are the most beneficial to the healing process.”

If the bandage bubbles or begins to form large pockets of plasma buildup, this is normal. Leave it alone.

If the bandage starts to leak body fluid from the seal, you can only replace the bandage within the first 24 hours. If you are past 24 hours and the SecondSkin comes off, exposing the tattoo, do NOT replace the bandage. After 24 hours, your skin has already started to close, and you won’t be pushing out plasma to keep a new bandage from sticking. This is why we don’t recommend replacing the skin. Do NOT apply any aftercare products on your skin before applying the bandage. The whole point of SecondSkin is to use your body’s plasma as your healing superpower.

If you have any concerns about the healing process or the condition of the SecondSkin bandage, contact our artists for advice.

Alternatives to SecondSkin

SecondSkin bandages are intended for use for several days and have a strong adhesive. This may cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. We recommend contacting your artist if your skin turns red or extremely itchy. Removal of the bandage may be necessary.

Tegaderm is another type of adhesive bandaging used by tattoo artists to protect tattoos from contaminants. Some reviews state that the adhesion is not as strong as SecondSkin, which may cause the bandage the fall off or wear prematurely. We don’t recommend Tegaderm.

Dermalize is an adhesive bandaging that comes as a roll or pre-cut squares. It’s recommended to leave Dermalize bandages on for a minimum of 5 days. The adhesive used is similar to SecondSkin and requires excessive lukewarm water to remove.

Saniderm is similar to SecondSkin in adhesion duration and visible healing quality. They recommend wearing the bandage for 3- 7 days, and it can be removed in a warm shower.

Good Vibrations Ink is committed to you and the care of your tattoo

A tattoo lasts a lifetime, and Good Vibrations Ink prides itself on our commitment to our clients and our craft. That commitment includes care before, during, and after your tattoo is done. SecondSkin products are some of our preferred brands for the results they show time and again. If you’re ready for your next tattoo, come visit us at either of our locations in Orlando, Florida and set up your appointment with our award-winning artists.