Orlando Tattoo Artist Thirshia Casiano

Thirshia Casiano

Tattoo Artist
Trishia Casiano headshot

An artist from the start, Thirshia Casiano has practiced her creativity through many different forms of art.

A graduate of art school, Escuela Especializada Central de Artes Visuales, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she has always been naturally inclined to the artistic and the creative. Thirsh has always had a particular liking to include her many geeky and dark interests in her art.

This continues in her tattoos. Open to many styles of tattoos, anything geeky or gothic holds a special place in her heart.

While tattoos are her main art form, Thirsh has experimented with many artistic mediums. Special effects makeup is a close tie with her love of tattoos. Thirsh has also created impressive cosplays, including a Dragonborn from Skyrim.

A gothic-loving geek and mother, Thirsh enjoys being a geek with her family, watching shows and movies, and playing video games.

She also likes to help out with her husband’s 3D printing business. Thirsh continues her love of painting by helping to paint 3D-printed figures and items.

Thirsh is an artist through and through. She is always happy to create and gives her all in every creation she makes.