Orlando Tattoo Artist Elise ‘LiLi’ Allen

Elise ‘LiLi’ Allen

Tattoo Artist
Elise 'LiLi' Allen

Elise “Lili” Allen has been a professional tattoo artist for over 9 years, getting her start in her hometown of Atlanta, GA. She got her first job at 17 in a tattoo shop as an apprentice which guided her to start tattooing professionally when she was 18. Lili gives thanks for her start to the fellow artists and tattoo artists in the Atlanta area who viewed her work and believed in her potential. Lili’s eclectic personality can be seen through her favorite tattoo styles of beautiful women, flowers, and neo traditional Japanese, her love of animals – specifically reptiles, and charismatic acceptance of people from all walks of life. “If you like what you like, that’s all that matters.”