Ink The Bay

tattoo artist holding a tattoo gun

For the second year in a row, Good Vibrations Ink will be attending the Ink The Bay tattoo convention in Tampa, Florida. It is March 25-27 at the Florida State Fairgrounds. What is a tattoo convention, you ask? I had the same question so I did a deep dive into the world of tattoo conventions to see what happens and I can’t believe all the cool things that take place at these events! Tattoo conventions happen all over the world and it is a wonderful way for fellow tattoo artists and enthusiasts to come together to enjoy and appreciate art. Tattooing is an art form and each artist has their own way of telling their story. Not only do they have to please their customers, but they also need to stay true to themselves as an artist. At these conventions, tattoo artists can meet up with like-minded individuals and discuss the new techniques that are always occurring in their art world.

Ink the Bay: Showcasing Tattoo Artistry in Tampa, FL

One of the really cool aspects during this convention are the tattoo seminars that take place. Tattoo artists at the highest levels in their fields talk about their techniques and share tools of the trade with their fellow artists. I perused the selection of seminars and could not believe all the cool ink techniques that exist. Realism, color theory, 3D, value and flow, and portraiture are just a few of the cool ink topics up for discussion. Interested tattoo artists must register beforehand to snag a seat at these seminars.

Even if you do not have tattoos and just enjoy tattoo culture, this convention provides so many other cool things to enjoy. There are henna tattoos, tattoo contests, a super cool rat rod car show, a custom chopper display, body painting, fashion shows, food trucks and a ton of really cool fashion and jewelry to buy. For the kids there are bounce houses, face painting, and arts and crafts so everyone in your family will be able to enjoy themselves.

I really like the idea of taking a day off to just wander around while getting lost in a sea of artistic creations. It is so cool that art is literally being created right in front of you! It is like going to a museum and watching Vincent Van Gogh paint The Starry Night (which incidentally you could have tattooed on your body that weekend!). Maybe that is going a little overboard, but I love art in all forms and having tattoos on your body display a little bit of your personality through that art work. I know for myself, I have a ton of ideas for tattoos I want to get in the future. This seems like the perfect place to wander around, talk to artists, and get inspired. There are over one hundred and fifty booths with over two hundred artists to browse through. Good Vibrations Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing will have a booth set up so if you want to check out our art and meet the team, now is the time!