Healthy Food & Drinks You Can Have to Accelerate Tattoo Healing

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Here at Good Vibrations Ink in Orlando, we strongly trust in consuming a healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables, while supporting local farmers. Located in Central Florida, where tourism thrives, there are plenty of healthy food options that surround famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Utilizing organic ingredients will help rid your body of toxins most efficiently, which allows for a solid healing process. Take a trip to a nearby Whole Foods Market or any Farmer’s Market to locate some of the beneficial choices we will mention below. What you put into your body can be just as essential as to what you put on it. After following the tattoo instructions of your artist, you surely should consider what to consume to preserve that crisp, new tattoo. These are just a few of several foods that can help maintain that skin for years to come!

Nutrition for Tattoo Recovery: What to Eat and Drink


Oranges consist of high volumes of Vitamin C, which can make your skin look full of youthfulness. Vitamin C develops the creation of collagen and keeps the skin sturdy and moist. The natural oils in oranges assist with moisturizing skin and giving a healthier feel to it. You can eat or drink orange juice and will end up with similar outcomes. You can also use the peel to apply as a body scrub and get a rosy feel to your skin.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate provides for great protection from the sun as it shields against harmful UV rays and can even prevent sunburns or skin cancer. When combined with caffeine, chocolate can make a perfect detox for your skin. It can shed old, dead skin and permit for new skin to come into play. This can result in a very smooth and appealing complexion. So you can have all the chocolate, before and after the tattoo, without any guilt.


Broccoli’s benefits consist of promoting skin health, treating acne, and provides nutrition to the skin. This vegetable has several nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibers that can only help in protecting your skin on a daily basis. These nutrients can offer proper care for the skin in keeping it soft and resilient.


Blueberries are the ultimate antioxidants and the snack you definitely want to be munching on while your tattoo heals. Not only do they prevent diseases, nourish the skin, and combats acne, they also have a ton of anti-aging characteristics. Blueberries also cleanse out the colon with all its fiber, which results in clean, smooth skin.


Pineapple is good for internal and external uses for the skin. If you use pineapple juice on your skin, it can fight off blemishes and wrinkles. Pineapples can also make the best exfoliator.  When drinking pineapple juice, the Vitamin C maintains the skin looking young. It also combines natural collagen, which establishes a firm and flexible layer. The bromelain that can be found in pineapples, are useful for countering inflammation and dry skin.


Garlic is commonly known for its curative features. They help keep the digestive system clean by getting rid of toxins and boosting the immune system while fighting off infections. They are incredibly useful for skin repair and can even offer more glow to the skin.


Tomatoes, like oranges, is another great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A as they preserve the skin from any future damage. Nutritional experts advise that tomato protects skin against ultraviolet lights and allow the skin to take in oxygen. They also contain lycopene, which can delay the aging of the skin. This means keeping those tattoos looking fresh for a longer period of time and less touch-ups.


Water is the obvious choice for keeping skin looking hydrated and resisting dryness from the sun. No skin improvement can happen overnight, so maintain that suggested 8 glasses of water per day can definitely improve radiant skin. It will also keep you energetic and active.

In any case, healthy intake of food and drinks has multiple benefits, not just for skin care. Improving your health, state of mind, and appearance can be accomplished with a few simple snacks every day. It’s crucial to take care of the skin externally with suggested ointments, but sleek skin starts with nourishment from within as well. The right balance of foods will fuel your skin the key nutrients necessary to help it stay healthy. Anything that is ingested will eventually appear outwardly in your skin. So take care of yourself and your tattoos!