Orlando Tattoo Artist Chelsea (Brown) Schulle

Chelsea (Brown) Schulle

Tattoo Artist

Chelsea (Brown) Schulle got into tattooing from a friend who was already a tattoo artist in Mobile, AL and has been professionally tattooing and piercing for over 13 years. An advocate for breaking the expectations of others, Chelsea believes that being told “You can’t do that” is an open invitation to do just that. She loves client ideas for fun, goofy, and unexpected tattoos that others might say are “stupid” like a potato chip on her shoulder or a bat on the glutes. One of her favorite aspects of tattooing is helping clients overcome or memorialize events in their lives that have helped them grow as individuals. From original designs to cover-ups of scars or old tattoos that clients are not joyful about, Chelsea hopes to help clients retrieve their confidence and possibly shed “a tear of joy or happiness” which shows her that she has done this job.